Untitled I, oil on board, 25x30cm, 2015
DocFile (4).jpg
Simulated barque oil on canvas 50x60cm 2015.JPG
Sea breezes in yellow.jpg
magic mountain 70x70cm oil on canvas 2016
Logans rock pigment watercolour and archive photograph on paper 25x31cm, 2015
Der Zauberberg 002, oil on canvas 90x95cm 2015
no rest for the wicked oil on canvas 72x122cm 2016
Fullness of harmony, oil on canvas, 60x70cm, 2015.jpeg
hans adventure into the magic mountain.jpg
all colours run down, oil on canvas, 150x200cm 2015
study for rest camp.jpg
8. Frances Duncombe oil on linen 35x70 cm 2010.jpg
For the sake of preservation 92x101cm oil on canvas 2008.jpg
Mrs Siddons oil on linen 2012.jpg
portrait in the mirror 40x50cm oil on canvas 2013.jpg
33. extension of regency 2mb.jpg
Berlin Schloss Platz 100x75cm oil on canvas 2008.jpg
10. The Dam 40x50cm.jpg
12. Alas nothing remains of her bright red window frames, 2006.jpg
00. Broomhill study Charcoal on paper.jpg
facist florida,2008,122x92cm,oil on canvas.jpg
0. The mirage, 2007.jpg
The Dionysian principle oil on canvas 122x92cm final.jpg
Tooting bec lido oil on canvas 40x50cm 20077.jpeg
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